Veterans Advisory Committee

The Veterans Engagement Services in their attempt to prepare for the influx of Veteran students seeking to continue their education have created a committee specifically designed for addressing Veteran issues.

This committee will assist in bridging the gap between the services that the student requires and the atmosphere of the campus to ensure we provide services that best match the student veterans' needs.   

Those who choose to serve on this committee are pledging their commitment to each and every student Veteran, helping to facilitate their smooth transition back into civilian education life, and assisting in every way possible with their successful graduation.

The Veterans Advisory Committee will strive to ensure that the following goals are met:

 All members will serve as advocates for all Veteran students
 Advise Veteran Services on how to best provide necessary services to Veteran students
 Contribute to the recruitment and retention of Veteran students

This committee meets quarterly each year and the represented areas include:

  • Admission
  • MSU University Bookstore
  • Bursar
  • Career Development
  • Counseling Center
  • Disability Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Retention and Student Success
  • ROTC - Military Science Program
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Advocate (Veteran Student Association)
  • Veterans Engagement Services

To submit your concerns for committee review, please contact the Veterans Engagement Services Team via