Veteran Student - Priority Registration

Priority Registration was designed to offer the eligible student-veteran the opportunity to register for their program's curriculum prior to the general population. Student veterans can register on the first day of registration for each Fall and Spring semester of any academic school year, during their matriculation. This standing applies to student veterans of ANY classification, at the undergraduate and graduate level, who hold veteran or military status in our student information system.

Student veterans will be able to register for classes and have first choice selections to all courses offered, to ensure that they stay on track and graduate on time.

Student veterans eligible for the Priority Registration Grouping accommodation must be identified in the database managed by Veterans Engagement Services in the Office of the Registrar. Eligible Student veterans are those using funding under Department of Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits, Department of Defense Educational Benefits, Federal Tuition Assistance, National Guard State Tuition Waivers, or ROTC Bridge Grants. To determine if other funding options outside of the GI Bill or Post 911 funding, such as military-related scholarships, grants or Federal Aid recipients may be deemed eligible for Priority Registration, please submit supporting documentation that identifies direct military or veteran affiliations via the link below for consideration.

If you are a student veteran here on Morgan's campus and are NOT using VA Educational benefits you must complete a VA Contact Intake form and provide supporting documentation identifying veteran or military status to Veterans Engagement Services. In doing so the staff will include you in the veteran's database so that you can receive crucial military-related information and services provided by the Veterans Engagement area. 

Priority Registration standing does not carry over from semester to semester. In order to access this benefit, the student veteran must validate their enrollment each semester with Veterans Engagement Services staff as long as they are matriculating on campus and wish to be considered.

Priority Registration standing does not eliminate any student from following the protocol of the University or their academic school/college, specifically those academic schools who participate in the PIN program. Student veterans deemed eligible for Priority Registration MUST still report to their academic advisors for schedule assistance and PIN access prior to registering or being considered for priority registration status.