Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer can help you finish what you started at your Maryland community college, even though you have already transferred to Morgan State University.

We understand that there are many reasons why you may have transferred to Morgan prior to completing your associate degree, but we want to ensure you earn credit where credit is due!


  • Transfer credits back to your Maryland community college that you earned at Morgan State University
  • Apply those credits towards completion of a degree, diploma, or certificate at your Maryland community college

WHY SHOULD reverse transfer MATTER TO YOU?

Completing your associate degree has many potential benefits:

  • Increase your value to employers 

-Improve job prospects while you finish your bachelor's degree

- Distinguish yourself from job seekers who have not completed a degree

-An associate degree is an outstanding work credential; employers recognize its value when recruiting and hiring

  • Achieve a bachelor's degree

- Increase the probability of completing your bachelor's degree

-Boost your earning potential after completing a bachelor's degree

-There is no risk to you!! Even though you are applying the hours you have earned at Morgan State University toward an associate degree at your Maryland community college, your hours earned at Morgan will still apply appropriately toward your undergraduate degree!


  • Eligible students must have earned a minimum of 45 college credits of which at least 15 credits must have been earned at a Maryland community college.
  • Students may not have previously earned an Associate's Degree from the participating community college


  • Complete the Reverse Transfer FERPA (to download the form, click the button below)

Reverse Transfer

  • The participating community college will review your credits and will conduct an initial graduation audit.
  • The participating community college will communicate the outcome of the graduation audit (including any outstanding requirements) with you.
  • Once all degree requirements are met and upon degree conferment, your final community college transcript will be sent to Morgan State University free of charge.

TIPS: Sending your Morgan State University transcript to your participating Maryland community college does not guarantee that you will be granted a degree. The transcripts and coursework submitted will be evaluated by the institution to determine whether or not you have fulfilled the associate degree requirements as set forth by your Maryland community college. The decision to grant a degree remains up to community college discretion and policy.

If you have questions about the transfer evaluation process, which includes all services above at Morgan State University, please email

Contact information
For more information about Reverse Transfer. contact:
Office of the Registrar -Transfer Evaluation and Articulation Team