Reasons for Aid Revisions


Financial Aid Reasons for Aid Revisions

Circumstances may require that student aid packages be revised in the following cases:

Change in enrollment
Students that are awarded early for financial aid are awarded based on as full-time enrollment. Aid adjustments may be necessary if students pursue less than full-time credits.

Withdrawing from school or Dropping all classes
Students contemplating withdrawing or dropping all classes should make an appointment to see a financial aid counselor. The current semester's aid as well as future aid may be adjusted.

Receipt of other financial aid may cause aid adjustments Includes aid not awarded through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA), including institutional, state, and private donor scholarships, remitted tuition, graduate assistantships, and other aid that OFA become aware of after the student has been awarded.

Change in Residency Status
Students who are granted in-state residency after they receive an award based on out-of-state residency will receive a budget adjustment, which reflects the in-state charges for tuition and fees. This may require an adjustment to aid awarded and/or disbursed. In such cases, funds may be returned to the appropriate financial aid programs to prevent an overaward.

Federal Verification Process
Students who are selected for verification may need to submit federal taxes, W2s, and additional forms to the Office of Financial Aid. This information may require corrections to the original FAFSA information.