Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pertaining to Morgan State University's Psychology Department.

1. Research Track or Generalist Track?
Research Track - This track emphasizes psychology as a science and is for the student who is interested in pursuing graduate school and/or a career that requires practical research knowledge and skills. Students who choose this track MUST take Psyc 487 Senior Thesis I and Psyc 497 Senior Thesis II and may select 3 Behavioral Science/Neuroscience Electives.
Generalist Track: -This track emphasizes the practical applications of psychology and preparation for entry into the workforce upon graduation. Students pursuing this option MUST take Psyc 480 Psychology Internship I and PSYC 481 Psychology Internship II and may select 3 Human Services Electives.

2. How can I obtain my alternative PIN to register for classes?
Your assigned academic advisor has your alternative pin, to retrieve it, you must schedule a meeting with them, where you'll discuss the classes you should take for the upcoming semester.

3. Who is my Academic Advisor? How should I contact them?
Freshman: Please direct your questions to the Office of Student Success and Retention. Contact Mr. Andre Patterson or call 443-885-3960. However, if you would like to speak to a member of the Psychology faculty for advice on courses, feel free to email them directly.
Juniors and Sophomores: Please direct your questions to your assigned advisor (see chart below). For advisement appointments utilize Starfish unless otherwise advised by your advisor.
Seniors: Please direct your questions to Dr. Jocelyn Turner-Musa. For advisement appointment utilize Starfish.

4. How do I access Starfish to schedule a meeting with my adviser?
a. Go to the Websis link in your e-mail or on Morgan's homepage.
b. Log on with your Morgan login and password.
c. Click-on the Starfish link
d. Click on the desired instructor
e. Find the date and time slots for office hour times and click the desired appointment.
f. Fill in the reason for your appointment section, briefly detailing your concerns or objectives.
g. Click "submit"

5. Where can I find my professors/advisors' office?
Psychology department faculty are located on the 4th floor of BSSC (see chart above for room numbers).

6. Can I speak with the Chair to receive an audit and my alternate pin?
Only seniors are permitted to schedule academic advising appointments with Dr. Turner-Musa, as she is the only faculty that is permitted to audit seniors. If you are not a senior you will have to contact your assigned academic advisor for advisement needs. If you experience any difficulty with your alternate pin consult with the Office of Records and Registration at 443-885-3300.

7. My Starfish account is malfunctioning, what should I do?
If you are having problems with your starfish account, please contact Tiffany Mfume; located in the McKeldin Center, Room 318, or call 443-885-3651.

8. Is it mandatory to follow the "Suggested Curriculum Sequence"?
It is recommended to follow the suggested curriculum sequence. There are several courses that are only offered during specific times of the year (i.e., Fall or Spring semester), and there are courses that require specific prerequisites. Thus, it is important to follow the curriculum sequence, to avoid a delay in graduation.

9. Can I take off-campus courses, and transfer the course credits to MSU?
Yes, students may take off-campus courses. They must complete and submit a "Take Course Off-Campus" Form, found on the Morgan website (type in search "Off-Campus Undergraduate Course Approval" that should be submitted to their department chair, and approved before the course can be taken.

10. Can General Psychology fulfill the Social and Behavioral Science Elective?
No, General Psychology is a required Psychology course for psychology majors, and is a prerequisite to all other Psychology courses.

11. Is earning the grade of a "D" in General Education courses satisfactory, or would I have to retake the course?
A grade of "D" in a General Education course is acceptable with the exception of English courses. Students should repeat English courses if a grade of "D or F" is obtained. Per the University's regulations students must maintain an overall GPA of a 2.0 to remain in good standing. Seek the advisement of your assigned advisor to obtain clarity, and further discuss your next step.

12. I have tried contacting the psychology Chairperson, with no luck with a response, what should I do next?
You should come visit the Psychology Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Brown in BSSC Suite 226 to fill out a "While You Were Out" blue form. This form is given directly to the Chairperson, it is located on the wall to the left of Mrs. Brown's desk.

13. Approximately how long should I wait for a response after submitting a "While You Were Out" Form?
Students are asked to wait one (1) to two (2) business days, to hear back from either the Chairperson or the Administrative Assistant.

14. I want to change my major to Psychology, or from Psychology to another major, what is the protocol?
Please complete an Undergraduate Change of Major/Minor Form (the form is located in the psychology department, BSSC suite 226). The form must be signed by your current Chairperson of your major and the Chairperson of the psychology department. Once you have received all signatures you must then submit the document to the Office of the Registrar located in the Montebello Complex.

15. Does the Psychology department have any scholarships/programs for continuing students?
The department has the Carol S. Perrino Scholarship Program and Book Scholarship. Information pertaining to the Program and Scholarship can be found on the department's Blackboard, revealing qualifications and deadline submissions.

16. What should I do if I need an override into a course, or I'm experience a time conflict with my courses?
Students should complete a Department of Psychology Override Request Form. This form is located in the Psychology Department, BSSC Suite 226. Please allow 1-2 business days before you are contacted with a response. You will receive an email informing you when your form is ready for pick-up.

17. Can my parent, legal guardian or spouse obtain my student records or related information?
No, as a Morgan State University student, a Family Educational Rights Privacy Act - FERPA statement was signed restricting the release of any personal information. To allow family, a legal guardian, or spouse access to your personal information, a written statement must be provided revealing your consent. The policy on student disclosure of records is posted on the Psychology's Blackboard site.

18. What Degrees are offered in Psychology?
The Psychology program offers a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in Psychometrics, and Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Psychometrics. The Psychology Department also offers a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Psychometrics.