Advising and Registration

When should I see my adviser?
You should meet with your adviser at least once a semester to discuss your progress toward graduation and your academic and professional goals. Typically, the appointment takes place during the early registration period. This appointment also satisfies your program declaration requirement in the Psychology program.

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?
Student preparation is a key piece of active advisement so that you can advocate for your academic success. It is best to schedule an appointment with the adviser after you have reviewed the course schedule for the next semester and the university, general education and psychology courses you still need to complete. This advanced preparation will enable you to better discuss your academic progress and ask relevant questions. You should come to the advising meeting with a tentative course outline for the next semester and your questions (see steps below). The adviser's job is to provide you with advice and guidance related to your progress toward graduation; do not expect the adviser to tell you which classes you should take and what time of day to take them.  Failure to meet with your adviser may impede your academic progression. You should become familiar with university, College of Liberal Arts, and Psychology Department requirements.  While your adviser reviews departmental policies and procedures with you at least twice a year, it is ultimately your responsibility to be familiar with these policies and procedures. Advising appointments may also be made via Starfish, the university's central advising system.  Starfish is the university-wide academic advising technology system that interfaces with existing systems (i.e., Banner/WEBSIS).  As a student user, you are encouraged to setup a profile and communications preferences, review flags/kudos raised by your instructors, find and connect to recommended and available services at MSU, and make appointments with your adviser.  Find out from your adviser if Starfish is utilized for scheduling.

Steps to Prepare For Academic Advisement

  • Schedule an appointment with the advisor via Starfish or other mechanism (e.g., e-mail).
  • Review Degree Works audit.
  • Review the suggested course sequence for Psychology majors (based on track selection).
  • Know current academic standing.
  • Have familiarity with necessary advisement tools.
  • Bring questions and required forms (e.g., Departmental Checklist, Override Request, Excess Credits, Track Selection, and Credit Audit Evaluation).
  • Bring a mobile device and/or laptop, tablet, and/or writing utensil.  Be prepared to take notes.
  • Prepare to store the alternative pin is a safe location (that can be accessed during and after advisement).
  • Plan to arrive a bit earlier than scheduled. Have all necessary documents (e.g., Curriculum checklist)

How long will my advising appointment last?
The typical meeting with the adviser lasts about 15 minutes. If you have reason to believe that you will require more time, you should mention this to the adviser when scheduling.