Faculty Research Labs

Cognitive, Applied, and Perceptual Research Lab

Lab Director - Dr. Justin Bonny

  • The focus of the lab is to examine how individual differences in cognitive, social, and perceptual processes are connected with experience in formal (e.g., math) and informal (e.g., video game) activities and can be altered using technology. The goal is to gain insight into how different mental processes are structured and function using individual differences and be able to identify how these processes can be enhanced.  


Developmental Psychology Research Lab

Lab Director - Dr. Charlene Chester

Co-Director - Professor Natasha Otto

  • Developmental Psychology represents interests in many areas of development. Faculty and students focus on the area of transracial adoption and college students adjustment. Regardless of content area, faculty and students in the Developmental program ask how children change as they progress from earliest infancy through adulthood. Of particular importance are the causes of developmental change. Developmental faculty and students examine both how basic processes of learning and development enable children to develop fundamental adult abilities and the factors that lead children to follow unique trajectories as they make their way through life.

Research Education Advancing Changes in Health Lab (REACH)

Lab Director - Dr. Jocelyn Turner-Musa

  • The REACH Lab examines health from a broad lens and focuses on understanding factors influencing health and health outcomes. This includes understanding and changing perceptions about health professions, specifically in psychology, examining the effectiveness of training programs in increasing the biomedical research workforce, and exploring health promoting and health-compromising behaviors and psychosocial constructs influencing them.