Chairperson's Welcome

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Psychology, Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychometrics, and Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Psychometrics. The program has over 300 undergraduate students and is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at Morgan State University. Our graduate program in Psychometrics is the only program of its kind at a Historically Black University.

Psychology faculty members are actively engaged in the discipline. Faculty members receive grants and awards, present their research at professional conferences, and publish their research in academic journals. Our faculty engage in research which includes: examining the effects of antipsychotics on eating in people with schizophrenia; investigations of familial, educational, mental health, and behavioral factors that affect adolescents' involvement in the juvenile justice system; predicting graduation rates in 4-year Public Colleges; and the role of trauma and violence on mental health and well-being among U.S. veterans. Many of our students work with faculty on various research projects or as undergraduate teaching assistants. Faculty members are committed to educating, training, and mentoring students.

Psychology at Morgan State University is "growing the future and leading the world" by educating the next generation of scholars in the behavioral and psychological sciences. We invite you to contact us if you would like more information about the program and opportunities that await you. Get Psyched About Psychology!

Jocelyn Turner-Musa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair