About CPA

Enhancing MSU's Research Capacity

In 2008, Morgan State University (MSU) established the nation's only HBCU graduate program in psychometrics. The development of this program has enhanced MSU's measurement capacity focusing on statistical analyses, test construction and program evaluation. The Center for Predictive Analytics (CPA) was launched in 2016 with a generous ASCEND allocation, part of the NIH Build grant. The CPA plays an integral role in developing surveys, presenting cutting edge psychometric methodologies to faculty & students, designing projects, providing training to increase faculty & student skill sets related to predictive analytics and conducting detailed program evaluation.

Advancing MSU's Research

The CPA focuses on utilizing the latest psychometric analyses for assessment and evaluation as important elements of
research used across multiple disciplines(including but not limited to: biomedical, educational, engineering, and public

Examples of Services

  • Development of-survey instruments
  • Research design assistance
  • Dissertation/thesis assistance
  • Data analysis (individual) consultation
  • Data analysis workshops
  • Grant writing
  • Item analysis
  • Program Evaluation

Dr. Carrol S. Perrino, Director

Morgan State University's
Center for Predictive Analysis
1700 East Cold Springs Lane
BSSC Room 510
Baltimore, MD 21251