Dr. Lawrence Peskin

Office Location: 
320 Holmes Hall

Early America

Ph.D. History - Univ. of Maryland, College Park
M.A. History - Univ. of Maryland, College Park
B.A. Sociology - Univ. of Chicago

Courses: The American Colonies; American Society from the Revolution to the Civil War; American Constitutional History; Urban History of the US; Historiography; America and the World; History of the US I & II (Honors)

Select Publications

  • Editor, Mathew Carey: The New Olive Branch (1820) and Selected Essays (Anthem Press, 2014)
  • America and the World: Culture, Commerce, Conflict, co-authored with Edmund F. Wehrle (Johns Hopkins UP, 2011).
  • "Conspiratorial Anglophobia and the War of 1812," Journal of American History 98:3 (Dec 2011): 647-669.
  • Captives and Countrymen: Barbary Slavery and the American Public, 1785-1816 (Johns Hopkins UP, 2009).
  • Manufacturing Revolution: the Intellectual Origins of American Industry (Johns Hopkins UP, 2004).
  • "The Lessons of Independence: How the Algerian Crisis Shaped Early-American History," Diplomatic History (2004).
  • "Pirates and the Geography of Knowledge," in Earth Ways, eds. G. Backhaus and J. Murungi (Lexington Books, 2004).
  • "How the Republicans Learned to Love Manufacturing: the First Parties and the 'New Economy,'" Journal of the Early Republic 22:2 (Summer 2002): 235-262.
  • "From Protection to Encouragement: Manufacturing and Merchantilism in New York City's Public Sphere, 1783-1795," Journal of the Early Republic 18:4 (Winter 1998): 589-615.