Dr. Jeremiah Dibua

Jeremiah Dibua
Professor and Interim Chair
Office Location: 
223 BSSC

Modern Africa; African-Diaspora; African development and public policy

Ph.D. History - Univ. of Benin
M.A. History - Univ. of Ibadan
B.A. History - Univ. of Ibadan


Undergraduate: Africa to 1875; Africa since 1870; African Diplomatic History; Intro to the African Diaspora

Graduate: White Supremacy and Black Nationalism in the US, Brazil, & South Africa; Advanced Readings in the African Diaspora

Select Publications (full CV here)

  • Development and Diffusionism: Looking Beyond Nepatrimonialism in Nigeria, 1962-1985 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).
  • "Africanists, Neo-Weberism and the Pervasive Eurocentrism in the Analysis of African Development Trajectory," in History Unlimited: Essays in Honour of Professor Abednego Ekoko, ed. L.E. Otoide (Mindex Publishing Co., 2012), 305-24.
  • "Ethnic Citizenship, Federal Character and Inter-Group Relations in Post-Colonial Nigeria," Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria 20 (2011): 1-25.
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  • Co-author (w/B. Ibhawoh), "Deconstructing Ujamaa: the Legacy of Julius Nyerere in the Quest for Social and Economic Development in Africa," African Journal of Political Science 8:1 (2003): 59-83.
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