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Music Mission Statement

The goals for the Music Program in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts are: 

1.  To provide quality undergraduate training in music, consisting of common courses obligatory to all degree candidates, with supplemental subjects which define the student's major area of specialization; 

2. To offer each student personalized career guidance and the opportunity to explore a variety of possible options; 

3. To provide all students the cultural and humanistic perspectives and skills common to the music professions; 

4. To cultivate a sensitive respect for all musical cultures and for the accomplishment of their outstanding practitioners;

5.  To stimulate self-reliance and encourage independent intellectual and artistic growth;

6.  To assist the graduates in securing employment within the profession; 

7.  To identify and train those students of exceptional musical and scholastic talent for advanced study; and

8.  To contribute to the general cultural and educational aspirations of the campus and the community.

*from the MSU 2010-13 Catalog, page 180