Baltimore Urban Systemic Initiative

The Baltimore Urban Systemic Initiative (BUSI) is creating a culture of success in the Baltimore City Public Schools. This multi-year, multi-million dollar effort is propelling changes in mathematics and science education, changes that will affect every student, teacher, administrator and school. At the same time, BUSI is inspiring broad-based changes throughout the system.

What is BUSI?
The Urban Systemic Initiative was created by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to assist our nation's schools in reforming math and science education. Baltimore was one of the first cities selected for this multi-year, multi-million dollar effort. Assisted by the financial resources and technical expertise of the NSF and Morgan State University, and with the help of many other institutions and organizations, Baltimore is making significant progress in preparing students for the future.

BUSI is different from most grant-funded initiatives. First, it is a cooperative agreement which delelineates all roles and responsibilities of the partners. Second, BUSI will not end when the funding ends. That is because changes made through BUSI are systemic - they affect the entire school system and are designed for sustainability.

Baltimore BUSI/Morgan State University
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, Maryland 21251
Phone: 443.885.3304
Fax: (410) 319-3324