Academic Policies

Please review the policies set forth in the Academic Catalogs. Important policies that may be of interest to Winter Session students are described or excerpted below.

Overrides: Overrides are available from the Chair of the department offering the course. If you need assistance contacting the Chair, please refer to the online list of academic programs, the online faculty directory, or email us for assistance.

Credit Limits: Students may register for no more than two (2) courses during the Minimester. The catalog does not allow for an exception to this policy.

Billing and Withdrawal or Cancellation: If you have registered for a course and no longer wish to attend that course, you must drop the course prior to the first day of classes in order to avoid tuition and fees charges. Please familiarize yourself with Morgan State University's academic policies related to withdrawal as published in the Undergraduate Catalog. In particular, note that: Students are advised that discontinued attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from a class. Failure to report for any class that appears on students' schedules may result in a grade of "NA" or "F". In either case, the financial charges apply.

Exception to Enrollment Policies: If you have missed the deadline for withdrawal or cancellation and you wish to withdraw from or cancel a course, you must contact the Office to the Registrar using their "Exception to Enrollment Policy Appeal Form" (available at this link) to petition for an exception to policy. This process is not managed by the Office of Summer Session, Winter Session and Special Programs. Therefore, queries about this process must be directed to

Reinstatement: If your schedule has been dropped for non-payment, you must contact the Office of Summer Session, Winter Session, and Special Programs to request instructions on how to pursue late reinstatement. You will be sent a survey form and asked to submit your name, your ID number, the term or semester, the classes in question, your professors' names, and payment details. Upon receipt of your request, we will evaluate your eligibility for reinstatement. Note that your full schedule for the term must be reinstated and payment of your tuition and fees must be made in full after academic clearance for reinstatement is granted. Note that our office will not accept requests for reinstatement of previous years' schedules.

If you have any other questions, email