Mission & Vision

Morgan was founded in 1867 by the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church and named in honor of the Reverend Lyttleton Morgan, the first chairman of its Board of Trustees. Morgan remained a private institution until 1939 when it was purchased by the state of Maryland. From its beginnings as a public campus, Morgan was open to students of all races and had a comprehensive academic mission. In 1975, the State Legislature officially designated Morgan as a university, gave it the authority to offer doctorates, and provided for it to once again have its own governing board. In 1988, the Maryland General Assembly designated Morgan as Maryland's Public Urban University.

With the hiring of a new president, Dr. David Wilson, in 2010, the Morgan State University Board of Regents challenged the University community to think anew about the University’s mission, vision, core values, and the significance of its designation as Maryland’s Public Urban University. The Regents’ challenge resulted in a new ten (10) year strategic plan entitled, “Growing the Future, Leading the World: The Strategic
Plan for Morgan State University, 2011 – 2021.” Included among the goals of the strategic plan is:

Goal 5: Engaging with the Community
Morgan will engage with community residents and officials in the use of knowledge derived from faculty and student research, the sharing of mutually beneficial resources, and the appropriate and timely dispatch of University experts and professionals to collaborate in addressing community concerns.

Although Morgan has been engaged in academic outreach and community engagement, particularly in matters involving civil rights, social justice, and public education, throughout its storied history, the Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement was established to organize the various University offices engaged in academic and community outreach under a single administrative structure in order to pursue, in a strategic and systematic way, the initiatives anticipated in Goal 5 of the strategic plan.

Vision Statement
The Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement at Morgan State University aspires to serve as a model among public urban universities in the development and delivery of academic civic and/or community programs and volunteer services that provide measurable benefits to students, the communities in which the students reside or serve, and that provide measurable returns on investment to the University.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement is to enhance Morgan State University’s status as Maryland's Pre-eminent, Public, Urban, Research University by:

(1) facilitating the linkage of faculty and student research to community and civic organizations engaged in public service in the Baltimore metropolitan area;

(2) promoting lifelong learning and professional development opportunities for students and citizens of the state of Maryland;

(3) supporting academic, economic, and cultural diversity initiatives that enhance opportunities for international exchanges and partnerships and;

(4) expanding the number of educational, business, public and private partnerships at Morgan in order to expand access for Morgan’s students and Maryland’s citizens to opportunities acquire knowledge, expertise, experience, and employment.

Core Values
The core values of Academic Outreach and Engagement are consistent with the core values of Morgan State University and guide the development and delivery of the Division’s programs and services to the University community, citizens of the state of Maryland, in particular citizens of the Baltimore metropolitan area, and to its educational, business, and community and civic partners.

Collaboration. The goal for the Division is to identify mutually beneficial outcomes for those providing University services, those serviced by the University, and those partnering with the University.

Integrity. The goal for the Division to engage in honest communications, ethical behavior, and accountability for words and deeds among faculty, staff, and students in the Division as well with members of the wider University community, citizens, and public and private partners.

Diversity. The goal for the Division is to engage the broad rainbow of persons and their perspectives who comprise the peoples of the global community and who populate the University in an orderly marketplace of ideas as reflected in the Division’s programs and services.

Innovation. The goal for the Division is to anticipate and create new opportunities for delivering academic programs and community and/or civic engagement services that support Morgan’s faculty, staff, and students in all forms of scholarship, in the discovery and application of knowledge, and in teaching and learning enterprise.

Leadership. The goal for the Division is to both demonstrate and develop leadership qualities among faculty, staff, and students in the Division that facilitates institutional effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of Academic Outreach and Engagement’s programs and services.