Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at Morgan State University is a vital force in the lives of all members of the university community. The university encourages students to appreciate the privileges of and to assume the responsibilities for self-government. The activities and responsibilities of the Student Government are deliberately substantive and designed and operated as real life experiences for training students to function effectively and to take responsibility in the greater community of life.

The Student Government Association is the official student governing body at Morgan State University. It strives to instill a feeling of collective work and responsibility in an effort to reiterate that achievement of common objectives depends on a cohesive attitude among students. The SGA stresses that activity goals must be supported by a strong factual base. A clear understanding of problems must be ascertained as a first step of problem solutions.

SGA President
SGA Vice President
Kia Smith
SGA President
Courtney Mercado
SGA Vice President

Mr. Morgan State University, Marcus Patterson
Miss Morgan State University, Jasmine Garrett


Smith - Mercado Administration Goals:

1. Renegotiate the contract for the Thompson to have more reasonable meal plans for the student body.

2. Update the technology and amount of resources in the Morgan State library so Graduate and Undergraduate students do not have to go to surrounding schools to use their resources.

3. Update the constitution by the end of the spring semester.

4. Enhance the communication between the Student Government Association and the student body so that everyone is informed on issues pertaining to the Student Government.

5. Have an open line of communication with the Faculty, Staff, and Administration to ensure that everyone is kept update with Legislation that has passed through the Senate.

6. Regain the trust and support of the student body by physically reaching out to them whether it is verbal, surveys, or town-hall meetings to effectively get their input on everything.

7. Bring back the traditional "Adopt a Building" to clean up our beautiful campus and the buildings that we use everyday.

8. Advocate for the students by producing legislation, and meeting with faculty and staff to ensure that student concerns and problems are being addressed in a timely and affective manner.

9. The senate will continue to create and pass legislation for the betterment of the student government association and the MSU Student Body.

10. The student government association should take on a more active role in advocating and raising awareness on social issues. (Creating logos, campaigns, social media floods that educate students on social issues)

11. The Student government association will host 2-part event for black history month "History of Hip Hop". Part one will consist of student performances. Part Two will consist of a rap artist who is socially aware coming to speak to Morgan students.

12. The SGA will help to sponsor other student organizational events. Applications will start during the Fall of 2015.