Shuttle Services

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The Shuttle Program is administered by the Business and Auxiliary Services Office, with day-to-day operations organized in the Bear Necessity Card Center. The program provides transportation for the University community throughout the campus to include stops at O'Connell Hall, McKeldin Center, School of Engineering, Northwood Annex Parking, Rawlings Dining Hall and Northwood Apartments. The Shuttle Program also provides dedicated services between McKeldin Center and Montebello Complex, where the majority of student services resides. Passengers can pick-up shuttle schedules from the Bear Necessity Card Center. We are committed to meeting the needs of the Morgan State University Community and we look forward to servicing you.

Vinetta P. McCullough, Director

Gwendolyn D. Streeter, Manager, Bear Necessity Card Center
Wesley Guerrier, Coordinator, Shuttle Program

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"Please check the schedule for the appropriate times"