About Us

The Morgan State Graduate Student Association (MSGSA) is dedicated to the enhancement of the graduate experience at Morgan Statement University. The organization has been established to serve as a foundation for building unity, support, & academic excellence among graduate students as well as the greater Morgan State community.


The purpose of the MSGSA is to serve as the voice of graduate students on the Morgan State campus. The organization will represent the concerns and interests of our students, encourage, recognize, and assist all graduate students academically and socially.


The mission of the MSGSA is to represent and support the interests of Morgan States current and future graduate student community by supporting scholarly activities and providing leadership, service, and social opportunities.


The goals of the MSGSA are:

·        To promote and encourage community service within the Morgan State and Baltimore community.

·        To establish a strong rapport among faculty, staff and administrators.

·        To disseminate information to members pertaining to academic, financial, and social needs.

·        To promote excellence in educational instruction, research and presentation of graduate work.

·        To establish a support network among the Morgan State graduate student community.


Current Members:

Chad Williams-Bey, President: Higher Education Administration, PhD

Paris AJ (Adkins-Jackson), Vice President: Psychometrics, PhD

Alexandria Maloney, Treasurer: International Studies, MA

Airis Graham, Secretary of Community Partnerships: Science, MS

David Roberts, Secretary of Campus Partnerships: Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration , MA

Bukky Babalola, GradTV Producer & Anchor: Global Journalism, MA

David Lawrence, GradTV Assistant Producer: Global Journalism, MA

Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Communications Manager: Community College Leadership, EdD

Zaakira Sadrud-Din, Programming Committee: History, PhD

Christin Smith, Programming Committee: Global Journalism, MA

Sha'von Terrell, Programming Committee: African American Studies, MA

Zahra Williams, Programming Committee: Architecture, M.Arch


You can view the bios of the Executive Board here