Higher Education Administration (MA) Program

Higher Education Administration (MA)

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  1. A focused master's program that provides advanced preparation and enhance career opportunities for qualified persons.
  2. Helps to create greater diversity of learning experiences and expands opportunities for scholarship and research.
  3. Allow for greater economy of scale in program administration.

 Admission to the Program

  1. Undergraduate and/or graduate grade point averages (2.5 minimum; 3.0 preferred),  
  2. Scores on either the GRE (Graduate Record Examination: Quantitative and Verbal parts), GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) or MAT (Miller Analogies test) as appropriate,
  3. Letters of recommendation,
  4. A current resume,
  5. A statement of career goals and interests, work and academic experiences, and
  6. Availability of faculty to supervise the student's work in specific academic area of interest.

General Degree Requirements

  1. To be awarded the MA in Higher Education Administration, a student must have completed 36 credit hours of coursework inclusive of the Comprehensive Examination. A maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate work taken prior to admission to these programs may be transferred from another accredited institution.
  2. All students are expected to maintain high standards of scholarship throughout the duration of the programs. Students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.6 at the end of any semester will be placed on academic probation. A grade point average of 3.0 or above must be maintained in order for a student to continue to receive financial aid. Grades of "C" may not count for more than 20 percent of total credit hours applied towards degree requirements.
  3. The course work component of the program is designed to be completed in 5 semesters inclusive of 1 summer. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 6 credits hours in the summer.
  4. All candidates are expected to complete and pass the comprehensive examination. (Details of the comprehensive examination are provided in a subsequent section of this handbook).
  5. All degree requirements must be completed within a maximum of six years of admission to the program.

Residency Requirements

A student is admitted to the School of Graduate Studies upon satisfying minimum academic criteria and any additional requirement (e.g. tests, portfolio, interview, etc.) established by the faculty in the graduate degree program in which the student seeks to matriculate. Following admission to the School of Graduate Studies, a student must complete a minimum number of credits at Morgan State University while matriculating in a graduate degree program. Upon completion of the minimum credits required to be taken at Morgan, the residency requirement has been met. Residency requirements apply to students matriculating in masters and/or doctoral programs.The minimum requirement for residency in either master's or doctoral degree programs at Morgan State University is eighteen (18) credits of graduate course work completed at MSU. Transfer credit, internship, thesis, and dissertation seminar or guidance courses may not be used to satisfy residency requirements.

Program of Study

Foundation Courses (12 credits)

RDHE 727 Legal Issues in Higher Education

RDHE 702 Historical Foundations of Higher Education

RDHE 731 Governance & Administration of Higher Education

RDHE 720 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education

Student Affairs Concentration (18 credits)

RDHE 725 American College Student

RDHE 735 Student Affairs Administration

RDHE 745 Student Development Theory

RDHE 765 Counseling & Student Affairs

RDHE 755 Issues and Problems at Urban and Special Mission Institutions

RDHE 699 Supervised Practicum

Research Methods (6 credits)

EDSR 604 Intro to Educational Research

Plus one of the following:

EDSR 620 Action Research in Urban Education

EDSR 628 Applied Social Research

EDSR 630 Statistical Methods I

Other research course with persmission of Advisor

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