The Department of Health Policy and Management faculty are devoted to providing students with a comprehensive training and education in health policy and health services management. 


Lawrence Brown, PhD - Assistant Professor
          Office: (443)885-4015, Room 301-A
          Email:  Lawrence.Brown@morgan.edu

Anita Hawkins, PhD - Chair and Associate Professor
          Office: (443)885-3567, Room 301-B
          Email:  Anita.Hawkins@morgan.edu

Dr. Andrea Kidd-Taylor

Andrea Kidd-Taylor, DrPH - Lecturer
          Office: (443)885-2044, Room 307
          Email:  Andrea.Taylor@morgan.edu

Dr. Anne Marie O'Keefe, Associate Professor

Anne Marie O'Keefe, PhD, JD - Associate Professor
          Office: (443)885-4042, Room 301-C
          Email:  annemarie.okeefe@verizon.net