Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

The environmental and occupational health focus captures the study of environmental and occupational factors that impact communities socially, politically and individually. Communities with high concentrations of people of color or low-income families are disproportionately exposed to a variety of environmental burdens and hazards in their neighborhoods and at their workplaces.  Such exposures produce adverse health outcomes that disproportionately impact these populations. 

 Our goal is to train professionals in the area of environmental and occupational health so they can contribute to the development of research, policies, and programs that will assist communities in achieving environmental justice in their homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.


Dr. Yutaka Aoki
Assistant Professor
Office: (443)885-4015, Room 307
Email:  Yutaka.Aoki@morgan.edu

Dr. Andrea Kidd-Taylor
Assistant Professor
Office: (443)885-2044, Room 307
Email: Andrea.Taylor@morgan.edu