Program Mission

The mission of the Department in Architecture has three components: the education of students for the profession of architecture, research and design in critical issues of urban architecture, and support to the metropolitan region of Baltimore and to the State of Maryland.

I.          The Education Mission: Preparation for the Profession of Architecture:

The primary objective of the education mission is preparation for the profession of architecture, with a special emphasis on mentorship of student populations that are underrepresented in the profession of architecture.  The mission focus is preparation for an increasingly complex profession, engaged with rapidly changing technologies in the materials, production, and representation of the built environment, in a world of diminished natural resources, degraded urban and suburban environments, and in a progressively more complicated social, cultural, economic and legal environment.  A key objective is to mentor, to encourage, and to nurture students from disenfranchised populations; specifically, African American, women, and other minority students who are underrepresented in the profession of architecture with a curriculum and teaching pedagogy that is responsive to the needs of these students.

II.        The Research Mission: Design and Research in the Urban Environment:

            The objective of the research mission is to research and design for critical issues in the urban environment, including the redesign of the urban core and the exploration of design for sustainability in the urban context.  The design and research activities of the program are integral to the education component.

III.       The Service Mission: Engagement with the City of Baltimore:

The objective of the service mission is to engage in architectural, research, and educational projects that support and nurture the urban neighborhoods of Baltimore, and other areas within the region and the State of Maryland.  Through active engagement with our region, respect for cultural diversity and for the environment is enhanced, and the goal of education for socially responsible design is reinforced.