The Payroll Office is located in the Montebello Complex, A-Wing - Room 210 and is responsible for requesting payment for services rendered by regular and contractual faculty, staff and student employees.

In regards to the processing of salary payments, University personnel should be aware of the following:

  • Employment Status - Persons cannot be placed on payroll until fully cleared through the Office of Human Resources.
  • Time Sheets -Timesheets for Regular Employees must be submitted and approved no later than 3:00 on the pay period end date. If an employee does not have an approved timesheet by the due date and time, the employee will be paid for 5 days pending receipt of an approved timesheet, provided there is sufficient leave to cover the 5 days. Timesheets for Contractual Employees must be submitted and approved by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday after the pay period end date. If an employee does not have an approved timesheet by the timesheet due date and time, the employee will NOT be paid until an approved timesheet is received.
  • Overtime - Overtime must be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Management prior to authorizing the employee to perform overtime work via completion of the Authorization for Overtime Form. Payment cannot be requested unless this approved form is received by the Payroll Office. This form must accompany a properly submitted time sheet in order for payment to be made.
  • Salary Advances - New employees who do not receive a check in a timely basis may be entitled to receive a salary advance limited to 60% of their gross bi-weekly salary (based on the availability of funds). However, these employees must have submitted time sheets in a timely manner. Salary advances for overtime are not available. Advances are to be requested through the Payroll Office. General advances for continuing employees will not be considered.
  • Direct Deposit - Payroll checks are issued on a bi-weekly basis. Employees are strongly encouraged to elect direct deposit by completing Form CPB100, which can be obtained in the Office of Human Resources located in Carter-Grant-Wilson, Room 100. Checks will be mailed to employees not utilizing direct deposit.
  • POSC - Pay stubs for direct deposit participants can be downloaded from the POSC website at
  • Time Keeping

    Web Timesheet Tutorial
    Entry for Exempt Employees
    Entry for Non-Exempt Employees
    How to Approve Time Sheets
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