Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning

The Facilities Planning Department, located in Truth Hall - Room 111 is responsible for planning and preparing documentation to support future campus physical/facility needs. Included is the coordination/development of the Ten-Year Facility Master Plan, which guides the long-term physical development of the campus; Architectural Programs, which provide justification and the scope of work for individual projects, and preparation of the Annual Five-Year Capital Budget Request for funds to finance capital projects.

The Capital Budget Request is driven by the Facility Master Plan. Programs are required to support the capital budget request. Coordination with various University entities including Design & Construction Management, the Physical Plant, Telecommunications and Information Services is essential to the work of the Facilities Planning Department. The programming effort cannot be successfully accomplished without significant input from the user of the proposed facility.

The Department is also responsible for coordinating with the State Control agencies to obtain support and funding for capital projects. The Master Plan, Capital Budget and Programs must all be submitted and approved by the State Control Agencies to receive funding for capital projects.

Additionally, the Facilities Planning Department is responsible for maintaining and updating as necessary the facilities inventory, which is submitted annually to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) and is also used to provide quantitative support for our Master Plan/programming efforts.

Over the last 10 years, projects have been completed totaling nearly $600 million. Included are the construction of the new School of Business and connecting bridge, the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS) and North Parking Garage, the Communications Center, Earl S. Richardson Library, a new Student Center and Parking Garage, renovation of Banneker to house the School of Education & Urban Studies, renovation of the Lillie Carroll Jackson Museum, renovation of athletic facilities, as well as utility and site improvements. A new Behavioral & Social Sciences Center is currently under construction. This facility is the second facility to be located on our West Campus at Northwood with the School of Business & Management Complex and connecting bridge being the first.

In FY 2017, the University received $40,400,000 in State capital funds for projects in various phases of development. The University's FY 2018 five-year request includes funding to initiate and/or for the continuation of projects totaling nearly $600 million. Included are a new Student Services Center, New Health & Human Services Facility and New Science Complex.

In addition to coordinating within the University and with external agencies to obtain support and funding for State capital projects, the department also provides planning support for internally funded campus re-locations; maintains and updates, as necessary, the facilities inventory; and coordinates intergovernmental State Clearinghouse reviews. The department is also called upon to provide research and documentation for various special projects and represent the University on various taskforce related to capital planning.