The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is located at Montebello 109. If you would like to visit the campus, contact the admissions office for a campus tour. For more information on the undergraduate admissions process please see the MSU catalog.
Phone: 443.885.3000, 1-800-332-6674

Graduate admissions is processed by the School of Graduate Studies in 206C Holmes Hall. See graduate school catalog for more information or contact the office at:
Phone: 443.885.3185


If you have declared a major see your department head to find out who your academic advisor is. If you are undeclared /undecided about your Major, if you do not have defined career goals or if you are in the Pre-College/Freshmen Studies program, you will be advised by the Center for Centralized Academic Advisement. The Center for Centralized Academic Advisement is located in the Banneker Building room 400.
Phone: 443.885.3689


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is located at Montebello 109. If you would like to visit the campus, contact the admissions office for a campus tour. For more information on the undergraduate admissions process please see the MSU catalog. The Office of Records and Registration is located at 112 Montebello Complex. Students register online using Morgan State University WebSIS, the Web Student Information System.

MSU WebSIS provides online access to your official student records, allows you to select classes, view transcript, and update your personal information. Your information remains secure and confidential because MSU WebSIS encrypts all data. If you are an undergraduate student, obtain your PIN for registration from your Academic Department. If you are a graduate student, obtain your PIN from the School of Graduate Studies. Consult your academic advisor before you register. Access to WebSIS is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and weekends 24 hours. Registration is complete when tuition, fees and other financial payments are made. Mid-term and final grades are mailed to your permanent address. For more information, log onto WebSIS or contact the Office of Records and Registration at 443.885.3300.


You may drop or add classes according to the guidelines and deadline published in the semester course schedule booklet . Consult your academic advisor before you drop a class. Before dropping a class, review the financial, scholarship and health insurance regulations that may affect your decision to drop a class. Dropping a class is an official process; discontinued attendance does not constitute dropping a class. Please see catalog for more information. For further assistance contact the Office of Records and Registration.


The Bear Necessity Card is a multi-use card that serves as an official Morgan State University ID card, library card, meal card, privilege card, health card and debit card to all members of the Morgan community. You can use your card as a debit card by applying cash to your spending accounts. Your card is valid until you separate from the university. You may use your card at the following locations; Athletic Events, Bookstore, Canteen, Health Services, Laundry Machines, McKeldin Center Ticket Counter, Post Office, Print Shop, Rawlings Dining Hall, Soper Library, Student Activities and vending machines. Lost cards will be replaced for a fee. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Bear Necessity Card Resource Center. The Center in Montebello Room D128 is open on weekdays from 8: 00 am- 5:00 pm. If you have any questions walk-in or call 443.885.4045/4046, 1-888-319-BEAR


The Honors Program is a highly selective curriculum-based program. The program challenges academically advanced students; provides an enriched curriculum in General Education and the major; serves as a scholastic model for the university; and expresses the University's commitment to academic excellence. The program admits freshmen with high school grade point averages and high SAT scores as honors students. Honors students are usually awarded a scholarship upon admission to the program. For further information see the catalog or contact The University Honors Program located in: Jenkins Building 108. Phone: 443.885.3429


The Morgan State University System is based on a 4.0 quality point scale. An A is 4 quality points, B is 3 points, C is 2 points and a D is one point. An F is 0 points and the course must be repeated if credit is desired. If some phase of the work is incomplete at the time grades are reported, a grade of I may be given - consult your instructor regarding this. Other grades that may be reported on the transcript include PS for pass, PT pass for examination, AW: Administrative Withdrawal, W: Official Withdrawal, WP: Withdrawal Passing, and WF: Withdrawal Failing. See catalog or contact the Office of Records and Registration for grading policies.


All matriculating students, full and part-time, are classified, based on the number of credits earned, as follows:

  • Freshman -- 0-24 credits
  • Sophomore -- 25-55 credits
  • Junior -- 56-89 credits
  • Senior -- 90 credits and above

It is your responsibility to ensure that the credits you earn will count toward your major by consulting your academic advisor and catalog each time you register. See Graduation Requirements.


Your official academic transcript can be obtained from the Office of Records and Registration in the Montello Complex. If you want the records immediately, a fee will be charged. However, if you have them mailed to you, there will be no charge. An official Transcript Request Form is used to request transcripts. You may also get your unofficial transcript through the internet by logging onto your WebSIS account.


To be eligible for graduation, (1) you must complete all General Education , Major and School courses as outlined in your catalog (2) you must perform satisfactorily in the university proficiency examinations and in the major comprehensive examinations (3) earn at least 120 credits and (4) the final 30 credits of your degree must be earned at Morgan State University. You must apply for graduation before the application deadline! Consult the University catalog and your individual departments for more information.