Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Morgan State University offers instruction in the history of philosophy, pre-law philosophy courses, and religious studies. The department emphasizes publicly engaged reflections in the study of ethics and politics, science and technology, gender and race, religion and culture, law and society, and has a particular strength in Africana philosophy.

You might like a philosophy major if you...

  • aim to deepen your sense of the meaning of human experience and self-understanding
  • want the skills that diverse proffessions seek
  • want to develop your critical thinking and writing skills
  • want to go to law school
  • enjoy reasoned debate about moral and political issues
  • seek a personal and/or professional extension of religious studies

As a solely undergraduate program, the faculty are able to focus on their teaching, student advisement, and research. Benefits of an undergraduate education in philosophy include the possibility of pursuing graduate work in law school, the ministry, philosophy, as well as careers in business and beyond. Moreover, studying philosophy offers advantages beyond these specific professions and the learning of philosophical concepts, texts, and history. Philosophy majors develop critical thinking skills (an important ability for employers), a reflective understanding of self and world and of the ways to responsibly engage, steward, critique, and improve our social institutions. 

Professional Power of Philosophy