Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN)


The Department of Communication Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Screenwriting and Animation with concentrations in:

  1. Computer Animation (and Interactive Media) 
  2.  Film and Television Writing (Screenwriting) 
  3. Integrated Media Writing (Screenwriting) and Animation 

degrees require that students complete 57 credits in the major and in supporting courses. The Bachelor of Arts Degree requires students to complete six credits in the same foreign language as a part of their degree requirements, while the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree requires students to complete six credits in practical studio courses as a substitution for the foreign language requirement. Both degrees provide multidisciplinary academic and professional training in the media arts through a combination of practical and theoretical courses, as well as field experiences to expose students to and prepare them for the next generation of an increasingly complex and evolving profession.


Produced by Faculty and Students of the SWAN Program

Alfonzer Harvin - SWAN Program

Blayre Pichon - SWAN Program

Kalil Zaky - SWAN Program

Corey Straker - SWAN Program