Learning Goals for a Great Tutoring Session

Learning Goals

A crucial first step in the consultation process is to explicitly define the purpose or goal of your visit.  This helps you to clarify what you want to accomplish. It also helps you communicate expectations to your tutor more effectively, and it helps to guide your assessment of the tutorial.   Below, you will find some ideas.  

My goal for this consultation is to:

  1. Apply the steps in the writing process when developing various patterns/modes of essay development
  2. Self-edit and revise my compositions demonstrating knowledge of standard American English conventions
  3. Identify the main idea in text
  4. Analyze a text
  5. Summarize a text
  6. Write documented compositions using MLA style, APA, Chicago, etc.
  7. Articulate my ideas effectively
  8. Understand the parts of an argument
  9. Use various punctuation marks correctly
  10. Use secondary sources effectively
  11. Eliminate all sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-ons
  12. Master the proper format of the research paper
  13. Demonstrate the effective use of library/research tools and techniques, including electronic data bases, multi-media and print materials
We would like to make your experience in the Writing Center as educational and pleasurable as possible.  To that end, please note the following Writing Center Policies:

Students must bring with them 2 hard copies of their document/composition and one hard copy of the assignment as written by the instructor.
Students who are late will forfeit their appointments.