Essay Practice in Preparation for the Junior Writing Proficiency Examination

Here are some helpful tips to remember when writing:

·         The answer to the question you select should serve as your thesis.

·         Try to construct relevant ideas (at least three) to support your thesis. 

·         The thesis statement should be clear, limiting (at least three ideas), and debatable (takes a stand). 

·         Write the entire essay without stopping.

·         Go back, reading the essay to be sure that you have written what you wish to convey.

·         Finally, make sure that you proofread and correct grammatical errors.

Essay Prompts

1.     How will a Morgan education help you achieve your goals in life?

2.     What will your total Morgan experience be? (i.e. Sports, Student Government Association, Deans List, Christian ministry, etc.)

3.     What is the significance/importance of sporting the natural hair look?

4.      Do you think studying abroad is necessary to be successful in businesses of any kind?

5.      Why don't young African Americans vote?


6.      Why are so many African Americans incarcerated compared to Caucasians?


7.      Is there a real "war on drugs"?


8.      Does the faculty of Morgan State University genuinely care about their students?


Instructions:  After crafting your essay complete and submit your form through our Essay Practice Form. You will be prompted to upload a copy of your essay in Microsoft Word format. We will send our comments to you within three business days. If you have questions, send an e-mail message to

For further helpful resource materials, please visit the Writing Center Blackboard webpage