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The Team Up to Clean Up initiative was birthed when Mr. Jared Perry, upon hearing that the University President, Dr. Wilson, would at times pick up items of trash while he walked the campus, thought it good to have the Honors Program students do the same. Mr. Perry was asked to expand the idea to involve the entire campus under the project name “Team Up to Clean Up.” After receiving approval on the project from Dr. Wilson, several members of the university community were asked to be part of a committee that would meet, discuss, and implement the activities for this venture.


Getting back to basics: "Do unto others... no more eye for an eye" is the TUCU theme. Everyone has a part to play in this initiative to get the campus clean, get the community clean, change the perspective of the Morgan family, and promote healthier living. TUCU will grow beyond Morgan’s walls and overflow into the surrounding communities as well as Baltimore and beyond.


To create a movement that will change Morgan State University’s culture while increasing the level of accountability and ownership amongst members of the Morgan campus and its surrounding community.


To encourage members of the Morgan community to actively engage in campus organizations and events
To promote campus unity through collaborative work with sponsors, supporters, and participants on new and existing service-based projects
To foster pride in and care for the campus environment by facilitating campus-wide initiatives to maintain the cleanliness of the campus
To encourage healthy living by promoting activities such as exercise and education on better eating habits

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