University Closed

Morgan State will be closed on March 6th. Essential employees report as directed by supervisor.

Updated: 3/6/2015 10:15 AM - Inclement Weather Policy

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at Morgan State University is a vital force in the lives of all members of the university community. The university encourages students to appreciate the privileges of and to assume the responsibilities for self-government. The activities and responsibilities of the Student Government are deliberately substantive and designed and operated as real life experiences for training students to function effectively and to take responsibility in the greater community of life.

The Student Government Association is the official student governing body at Morgan State University. It strives to instill a feeling of collective work and responsibility in an effort to reiterate that achievement of common objectives depends on a cohesive attitude among students. The SGA stresses that activity goals must be supported by a strong factual base. A clear understanding of problems must be ascertained as a first step of problem solutions.

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Student Government Association