What Services & Programs Do We Offer?

Academic Success Plans & Academic Consultations
We want all students to excel academically. A 2.0 GPA is a C average. It is the minimum GPA necessary to remain in good academic standing. Students identified as earning both below a 2.0 GPA and a little above a 2.0 GPA are invited to meet with the AEP Program Manager on a one-on-one basis to develop an Academic Success Plan. During this half-hour session, students identify their learning style, are linked with resources on campus-including, but not limited to the AEP labs & tutors-and develop a written constitution of how they would go about improving their GPA and study habits. These students are then tracked throughout the semester, receiving email updates and supplemental programming to assist them in maintaining their academic momentum.

AEP Outreach
At the beginning of the semester, before mid-terms and before finals, AEP tutors man tables in the dining hall corridor to invite students to sign-up for tutor assistance while promoting AEP study workshops and special programming. During this past school year alone, AEP has linked over 150 students with tutors in subjects including English, Math, Biology and Chemistry. Outreach has also been in collaboration with other MSU departments.

Student Parent Support
AEP services, supports and opportunities provide tremendous support to students who are already parents or parents-to-be. The AEP is pivotal in providing both academic and emotional support to students who are transitioning into the status of parent while still pursuing studies as a student. ORL has recently published a 30-page resource manual compiled by MSU student Diane Abrahams, a graduating honors student who became a parent mid-way through her college career. Using this manual, AEP staff will help parenting students develop an Academic Success Plan specific to their educational goals while providing case management support. Currently, approximately five students have developed an Academic Success Plan for Parents while several more students-both male and female-have been identified as resident students parenting or parents-to-be.

AEP Resource Library
Slated for a Spring 2008 opening, the AEP Resource Library will be opened in the Blount Towers area that was formerly the first computer lab of Blount Towers, across from the C-Store. In this library, students will be able to check out items for short periods of time to make copies, take notes or study with. Shelves will be stocked with current textbooks and audio/ visual materials.

Living Learning Housing Intiative
Beginning soon, Morgan State University will provide learning environments that will be tailored to students seeking a themed-environment specific to their major, lifestyle or academic classification. These "living learning" environments will provide programming specific to the goals of the students housed in these areas. The pilot, tentatively slated to begin in Fall 2008, will be specific to academic majors. For academic-based living learning communities, such programming will include faculty visits, themed study-halls, networking opportunities and other academic-based student supports and opportunities. Students who opt to live in a learning living environment agree to the community guidelines to live in said community. These guidelines include agreeing to participate in specific programs, attend area meetings and other applicable agreements.

AEP Scholars Group
The AEP Scholars Group is a program that begins in the summer for students who ineligible to reapply for housing due to a GPA that is below a 2.0. This group will be eligible to receive housing assistance and special programming during the summer to support their academic success as they take classes. They will then be eligible to appeal for Fall semester housing if they demonstrate through their summer grades that they are committed to raising their academic efforts. In addition, students admitted into the AEP Scholars Group during the summer will be tracked throughout the school-year, receiving specific academic support.

Phenomenal Woman Extravaganza
Women from across the MD/VA/DC area are invited to man booths, facilitate seminars and introduce products to MSU students to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Interactive sessions have included "Healthy Relationships", "Financial Wellness" and "Academic Success" while some of the information booths promoted female businesses and addressed academic issues. Students were able to link up with a tutor on-site. This is an annual event held in Blount Towers.