Office of Technology Transfer

The Office Technology Transfer at Morgan State University assists faculty and staff members, administrators, and students with intellectual property issues resulting from their research discoveries, and other scholarly and creative activities.  It exists to foster the creation of innovative technologies and to manage those technologies and other intellectual property for the benefit of the University and the public.  In doing so, the Office of Technology Transfer (OTTR) fulfills an important component of the mission of OR&ED -- Economic Development.
The OTTR provides assistance to MSU faculty on such issues as patent applications, registering trademarks and copyrights. There are many commercialization options, and the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is dedicated to helping MSU inventors navigate their way through the complexities of technology marketing in order to achieve results that benefit the inventor, the investor, and the University. The goal is to make the processes of invention disclosure, patent application, marketing and eventual commercialization as seamless as possible.



The OTTR's mission is to serve as a fully integrated center, structured to manage University intellectual property, fulfill the University's federal obligations with respect to transferring University-generated technologies to the public, and interact with industry to commercialize University intellectual property, foster economic development, and ultimately increase the University's resources to support its strategic goals.