Teach Online

Teach Online is an online training course designed for higher education instructors who have experience teaching in the traditional (face-to-face) classroom and are interested in transitioning to online teaching.  Scroll down to complete the registration form.

Course Description

The course will explore the online teaching and learning environment by introducing online learning principles and instructor competencies. Participants will have the opportunity to experience online learning from the students' perspective, as they explore and master specific competencies needed in order to facilitate their own online course. Topics covered include orienting students to the online learning environment, basic instructional design principles as applied to the facilitation of online courses, self assessment of instructor technical and Learning Management System skills, pedagogical approaches to facilitate online learning, social processes and presence, facilitating online discussions, as well as managing assessment in the online environment.  Participants will also develop a plan for their continued professional development.


  • This course is intended to introduce instructors to teaching (facilitating) an online course that has already been developed. This course does not train faculty how to develop an online course. If you would like to develop an online course you will need to contact the Morgan Online Program (x4720) in order to register for the Quality Matters Online Course Design or Hybrid Course Design workshops. 
  • The course is taught fully online.

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