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For Faculty:

For Students:

What's needed to use turningPoint Information for Faculty:  Hardware/Software Needed for Instructors:  

Get an Instructor Kit from TTS -- Richardson Libary 212.  Or, order a kit directly at:

The Instructor Kit contains the following:  

  1.   TurningTechnology 5 Software for Windows and Mac
  2.  A Receiver: Plug the receiver into your laptop/computer.  Registers student's repsonses to question.  
  3.   Presenter Card:  Advances your PPT slides!   Allows presenters to move around the classroom while polling a classroom/audience. Turn polling on/off, advance PPT slides presenter card

Once you have your instructor kit -- see instructions for using the Turning Point Software

What will my Students Need?

NOTE: Students will need to purchase EITHER an NXT Responce Device  or ResponceWare -- an APP for their Smartphone.  You need to decide if the APP is allowable for your students.  (See Information for Students).

Students can purchase the NXT Response Card from either the MUS Bookstore, the TurningPoint Store, or at online sites such as eBay.

If you want students to purchase the NXT device from the MSU bookstore, please them know approximately how many to order.  ISBN for the NXT clicker is 978-1-934931-45-5.  Students may use their financial aid  to purchase the NXT clicker from the MSU bookstore. 

For Morgan Bookstore orders, the ISBN for the NXT clicker is 978-1-934931-45-5.

NOTE: IF you allow students the option of purchasing the Responseware APP -- YOU will need a Responseware account.  Go to and sign up for an Instructor account.  You will need this account later, as you do your TurningPoint presentations.  You DO NOT need to download the App itself.  

Does Turning Point work with Blackboard?
 Register Students' Clicker Devices in your Bb Course  || Using TuringPoint 5 with Blackboard

student information

Information for Students:

Students: You need to purchase either an NXT Response Clicker Device OR ResponseWare, a Mobile License 

What you Need Where to Get it What is Does

Clicker NXT

Purchase the NXT Response Card.  A clicker device that you bring  to classes.

$15.00 Rebate Information - Summer & Fall 2014

 For  fall 2014 there is a $15.00 rebate from TuringPoint -- Redeem your Rebate Here -- Code = RGANB.  (Rebate Applies to purchases from Turning Point or the MSU Bookstore).

nxt rebate image

1. MSU Bookstore:  You may use your financial aid to purchase  the NXT clicker from the MSU bookstore.  ISBN for the NXT clicker is:  978-1-934931-45-5


2.  Directly from Turining Point  ($40.00).  Enter our School Code: GAN8 


3. You can search web sites such as Ebay for used NXT devices. (Rebate does not apply to purchases of used NXTs).

Bring your clicker to class!

Let's you respond to questions your instructor asks.

OR  Purchase EITHER the clicker device OR the mobile license -- not both

The Turning Point ResponseWare App for Android or iPhone.

Check with your instructor BEFORE purchasing ResponseWare to see if it is approved for use in your class.  

responseWare  Enter our School Code: GAN8

Responseware Pricing

6 Month License:  $9.00

12 Month Lincense:  $15.00

4 Year License: $32.00

Let's you respond to questions using an app on  your web-enabled mobile device (SmartPhone, tablet, laptop).

Bring your phone or mobile to class!

Register your NXT or Responseware in Bb -- Your instructor will let you know if you have to do this

How to Register your Clicker Device or Turning Point Responseware App in Blackboard

Adds your specific Clicker ID to your instructor's participant list.  Register in just ONE Bb course, and it will automatically apply to all other courses you are enrolled in.



Guides, videos, instructionsHow to Guides,  Tutorials & Free Online Training

 Contact Turning Point - Technical Support Web Site || All User Guides (all products and devices) || System Requirements

Turning Point 5

Full Instructor's Guide for Windows || Full Instructor's Guide for Mac

Printed Guides

Power Point Polling Guides ----START HERE

MAC Users:

PC Users:

Anywhere Polling


Results Manager

Activate your Presenter Card  (your Presenter Card advances your PPT, and Opens/Closes Polling).


How to Take Attendance 

Create a Participant List - Manually or via Blackboard

Video Tutorials

Videos for PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling & Self-Paced Polling. Results Manager, Hardware and more.

Blackboard Tutorial

Power Point Polling New Users Tutorials:

Anywhere Polling

More Video Tutorials

Online Training Free Web-based Training: Short instructor-lead webinars  See schedule here.
Self-Paced Training Free Self-Paced Training: Online training you can complete at your own pace.


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