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For Instructors: Getting Started

1. Get an Instructor Kit (it's free): 

What's in the Instructor Kit? 

  • Receiver used to collect responses in your classroom; the receiver also serves as a flash drive with the Turning Point software, and storage for your files. receiver
  • Sample NXT or QT Response Card: This is the device students use to respond to questions in class.nxt response card or qt
  • Presenter card: Used with PowerPoint to advance slides, or to open/close polling.  presenter card

Where do I get a kit?

For Instructors: Prepare your Students
  • Students will need to puchase either the NXT Reponse Card or the Responseware App (not both).  You will need to decide if you want students to purchase the NXT Response Card  or if you will allow them to use Responseware App on their mobile device.  TurningPoint will work in your class with a mix of both the NXT and Responseware.  
      • nxt response card   NXT Response Card or the QT Response Card QT clicker: Device students use to respond to questions in class.  Students may purchase the NXT from either MSU Bookstore (ISBN for the NXT clicker is 978-1-934931-45-5) or directly from  TurningPoint.  Students can udr their financial aid funds to pay for the clicker in the bookstore.  They can also receive a $15.00 rebate if they purchase from the MSU Bookstore or directly from TurningPoint . The website for the rebate is: Enter Schoold Code RGAN8.  (NOTE: Students cannot use financial aid funds to purchase a clicker directly from TurningPoint).
      • Both the QT and the NXT can work together in the same classroom.  The QT is simply a newer model clicker.
      • Explain that you're using clickers this semester -- Conduct a trial run with students to ensure everything is working.
      • Add Clicker Instructions to your Syllabus -- sample syllabus blurb 
For Instructors: Prepare your Presentation before Class!
For Instructors: In your Classroom - Presenting
For Instructors: After your Presentation - Reports
  • Insert the Receiver into your computer
  • Open the Turning Point Software
  • PowerPoint Polling:
    • This video demonstrates how to access reports for PowerPoint Poling
  • Anywhwere Polling
    • This video demonstrate how to access reports for Anywhere Polling
  • How to Export  Results to Blackboard -- Send question results from TurningPoint Software to Bb.
For Instructors: Learn More about TurningPoint Software:
For Instructors: Best Practices

How to engage your students!

Information for Students:

Purchase NXT Response Card 

         nxt response card        

 NXT Response Card: Clicker Device used to respond to questions in class

Purchase from . . . 

  • MSU Bookstore (ISBN 978-1-934931-45-5). You can use your Financial Aid $$ to purchase from the MSU Bookstore (approx. $53.00).
  • Directly from  TurningPoint -   Enter our School Code: GAN8 ($40.00)

Get a $15.00 Rebate: Enter Schoold Code RGAN8.  

QT Device

The QT.  QT Device provides the same, reliable radio frequency (RF) technology and features as other Turning Technologies RF keypads, but with a full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard for easy text input.  Same price as the NXT.  

Purchase from . . . 

Get a $15.00 Rebate: Enter Schoold Code RGAN8.  

Register your NXT  or QT Device ID in Blackboard

Instructions: How to use your Clicker Device