HELP Desk Services

The mission of the Morgan State University’s Technical Support HELP Desk is to solve technology/telephone problems in a timely manner. If possible, we will provide you with answers or solutions at the time of first contact. More complex issues will be transferred to technicians who can help you with hardware and software installation, hardware and software concerns, network access, and other MSU computer-related problems.

Click here for answers to the most frequently asked technical support questions.

Meet the Techs

Anthony Bell    Anthony Bell
 James Clark   James Clark
 Demetrice Coles   Demetrice Coles
 Olando Paye   Olando Paye
 Lamont Rogers   Lamont Rogers
Corey Scott    Corey Scott
Derek Smith    Derek Smith
Kenwon Watts    Kenwon Watts

Not pictured:  Donald Anthony, Tamarra Banks, Andre Bryan, James Hayes, Lewis Jones, Dane Rideout, and Anil Simms