Online Forms

The following is a listing, by department, of online forms available at Morgan State University. 

Bursar's Office, 443-885-3108
(Return completed forms to the Bursar's office at Montebello, A-124)

Bear Necessity Card Transfer Funds Request Form
Deferred Payment Agreement
Refund Release Form
Refund Request Form

Records & Registration, 443-885-3300

Records & Registration Online Forms

Office of Human Resources,

Human Resources Online Forms

Office of Financial Aid,

Financial Aid Online Forms

Office of Procurement,

Sole Source Determination
Morgan State University Contract
Report of Emergency Procurement Action
Request for New/Upgrade Copier

Office of Property Control, 443-885-3114

Property Control Action Request Form
Off-Campus Property Pass
Request for Office Relocation/Room Change
    Fixed Assets:    Inventory Verification
                                 Designated Property and Accountable Officer Form 


There are three types of online forms:

  • Access online - This type of form can be accessed online, but cannot be filled out or submitted online.
  • Access and fill out online - This type can be accessed and filled out online, but cannot be submitted online.
  • Fully online - This type of form can be accessed, filled out, and submitted online.

All forms are available in PDF format, which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have the Adobe Reader installed on your machine, visit the Adobe website ( to download a free copy.

Questions or problems regarding individual forms should be addressed to the corresponding department using the contact information provided next to the department heading.  Departments that wish to add or remove a form should contact Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson at or on 443-885-4596.


Online Forms Tool Comparison
Google Forms EmailMeForm Adobe Forms AXIOM
Can be embedded in a web page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can be distributed via email link Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can export data into a spreadsheet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forms can be accessed and completed online Yes Yes Yes Yes
Completed forms can be submitted online Yes (required) Yes (required) Yes (not required) Yes (required)
Support for forms available at Morgan Yes Yes No No
Training available at Morgan Yes Yes No No
Difficulty Level Low Low Medium High
Price FREE FREE $60 per user for Adobe license Approximately $3,000 to $8,000 per form
Can generate reports based on data collected within forms No Yes No Yes
Password-protected forms Uses Morgan eID credentials Universal password for all applicants Universal password for all applicants Yes
Form printing Can print data captured in the form Can print data captured in the form Can print form (as is) with data in it Can print form (as is) with data in it
Allows applicants to upload files No Yes No Yes
Digital Signatures No No Yes No
Can handle formulas/computations No No Yes Yes
Can handle form logic (if conditions) No Yes Yes Yes
Customizable with Morgan Logo No Yes Yes Yes
Customized auto-response to applicant No Yes No Yes
Can schedule form availability (start and end dates/times) No Yes No No
Can limit form activity (number of applicants) No Yes No No
Can feed data directly into Banner No No No Yes
POINT OF CONTACT Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson (x4596) Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson (x4596) Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson (x4596) Wole Akpose (x1850)