Meet the Staff

The Planning and Information Technology division has many individuals working on behalf of the University. Here are some photos, taken in the spring of 2011, that will introduce you to our staff:


Joseph Popovich
Vice President
Planning and Information Technology

VP Staff

VP Staff
(left to right) Wole Akpose, Linda Mehlinger,
Sarah Drexler, and Cynthia Mendoza-Robinson
Not pictured: Drietriss Thornton and Donita Lewis


Institutional Research
(left to right) Cheryl Rollins, Tiffany Thompson, and Diwakar Khanal

Instructional Technology & Technology Training
Karen Rubinstein


Technology Training
Sabah Karam

Administrative Computing

Administrative Computing
(top row, left to right) Dorcas Green, Tonya Dorsey, Mia Whittington, Gary Press, Don Steedman,
Steven Law, Derrick Dixon, Alex Adao, and
Gilbert Morgan
(bottom row, left to right) Barbara Hall,
Jerri Edmonds, Joyce Wilkins, Artnette Spencer, and Gary Walker

Help Desk

Help Desk
(left to right) Jackie Snell, Kevin Bowen, and Tamarra Banks
Not pictured: Denise Chaney

Meet the Techs

Lab Managers

Computer Lab Managers
(top row, left to right) Brian White and
Derrick McCrea
(middle row, left to right) Robert Jones and
Josh Robinson
(bottom row, left to right) Terrence Baker,
Corinthia Queen, and Cyrus Noorani
Not pictured: Duane Jackson, Luther Moore and
Patricia Burke-Black

Lewis and Clarke

Computer Lab Managers
(left to right) Loren Lewis and John Clarke