Mission and Operating Principles

The mission of the Office of General Counsel (OGC) is to provide high quality legal advice, guidance, and representation to advance and protect the mission and vision of Morgan State University. To fulfill this mission, the OGC will be guided by the following operating principles:

Legal representation and services provided by OGC are to be consistent with the University's
mission and with OGC's mission. In providing services to individual university administrators, the
larger needs of the University should remain paramount.

It is important to stay current in the relevant areas of law and to conduct sufficient research to be able
to make informed judgments in advising clients. The creation, integration, transfer, and application
of knowledge, both within and without OGC, are crucial to providing quality legal advice and

We should view the prevention of legal problems as a primary goal. Avoiding problems and litigation
in the first place is preferred over the adjudication of legal problems. We should encourage clients to
seek our advice concerning how to develop policies and procedures that reduce the risk of legal
problems. We should take the opportunity, when legal problems arise, to educate our clients
concerning the prevention of future legal problems, and concerning the OGC's role and function at
the University.

We should conduct ourselves in a manner that earns the trust and respect of our clients while
exercising our independent professional judgment.

We should appreciate the time constraints of our clients and strive to complete time-sensitive tasks
within reasonable deadlines, without sacrificing quality and integrity. Within the office, we should be
conscious of resource constraints and strive to work "smarter" by, for example, utilizing already-
existing policies, not duplicating research, coordinating activities, and consulting with co-workers.

As we provide effective, mission-centered service to our clients, inevitably there will be persons
displeased with the results of our representations or counsel. While we cannot please everyone, we
can be consistent in our responses to like situations and treat all persons with equal consideration
and respect. Persons may be less displeased with an unfavorable outcome if they know the
process was fair.

We should mediate and assist in building consensus on issues among the diverse interests that
comprise the University.

Balanced Excellence
In order to best serve our clients, it is crucial to strike a balance between the quantity and the quality
of the work product we provide, recognizing the need for productivity, while never losing sight of our
professional obligation to deliver high quality services.

Within the office, we must foster an atmosphere of mutual support, communication, and

We must treat our clients and co-workers with courtesy and respect. We must make it clear to our
clients and co-workers that we expect to be treated with courtesy and respect in return.

Personal and professional growth is vital to the quality of the services we provide as well as the
happiness of the staff. This is true for the staff as individuals, as well as for the office as a whole.