Out-of-State Travel

Faculty and staff  travelling Out-of-State or Out-of-Country to be paid by the University submits an Individual Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel (Comp01) form 30 days before the travel date. The form Comp01 should also be submitted under the following circumstances:

  1. In state hotel request. If you are requesting to stay at a hotel within the state of Maryland or Washington D.C., you must be travelling a minimum of 40 miles from your home office to your destination to be eligible for a University paid hotel stay.
  2. In state travel advance.
  3. Using the University travel agent to obtain a train ticket within the State or Washington D.C.
  4. Non MSU personnel travelling on behalf of the University and authorized to obtain their common carrier tickets through the University's travel agent.

The links to form Comp01 and the step by step procedure to complete Comp01 follows:

To request reimbursement for their Out-of-State travel costs, a traveler is to submit a completed State of Maryland Expense account (GAD form X-5) after the travel has occurred. Select the form that is specific to your travel date(s).