Morgan State University Travel

The information that follows is intended to provide a guide to the individuals whose travel costs are being paid by Morgan State University. We encourage you to be familiar with all of the information that follows and to periodically come back to this web site as we will update this information as often as needed.

Please contact the Comptroller's Office with additional comments to improve our travel web site. Linked here is a one page summary of the Out-Of-State Travel process that covers many of the processes listed on this web site.

In-State Travel

In-state travel is defined as travel to be paid by the University within the state of Maryland or the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.


Out-of-State Travel

Faculty and staff travelling Out-of-State/Out-of-Country to be paid by the University submits an Individual Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel form 30 days before the travel date.


Travel Advances

Individuals are encouraged to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket travel costs after the travel has been completed.


Group/Team Travel

For Group/Team travel, please fill out one Individual Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel form summarizing the total expenses of the group/team.


Mileage/Meal Reimbursement Rates

Information for Travel & Meal Reimbursement



If approved for overnight travel, please be prudent when choosing a hotel as their costs can vary significantly.


Rental Vehicles

The State of Maryland provides insurance coverage for liability and physical damage for vehicles rented within the United States while on State business.


Airline /Train Information

Information regarding the University's Travel Agency/Policy


Moving Costs

Reimbursement of Moving Expenses Guide


Employment Interview Travel Costs

The University can reimburse the travel costs for individuals interviewing for employment at the University.