Banner Finance Access

To gain access or change access to Banner Finance, the MSU employee’s department head should complete the attached form and forward it to of the Comptroller’s Office. To access the Banner Finance setup form please click on the appropriate link below. It is necessary to complete the setup form in its entirety to ensure prompt access. Please contact Kelly Luce on ext 4157 with any form related questions.

The Comptroller’s Office will work directly with Information Technology to secure the appropriate Banner Finance access (no direct departmental contact with IT is needed). You will receive electronic confirmation by the Comptroller’s Office that your request has been processed.  At that time it would be prudent to log into Banner Finance  to verify your accessibility. 

You may contact the Procurement department for self-service Banner training to include purchase requisitions and budget queries/transfers. The Comptroller’s Office is available for any further questions or training needs.

Banner Finance Access Form

The Comptroller's Office conducts semi-annual reviews of Banner Finance Security access. This involves University-wide participation. Some links below have been added for the convenience of those participating in this review process to include:

·       Guidelines on how to review your organizational Banner Finance Access data

·       Definitions of all Banner Finance Forms

·       Banner Classes with Forms

·      Print Screens of all Banner Finance Forms   

 The above form definitions and print screens may also be helpful to anyone who has Banner Finance access.