Property Control

Property Control maintains accountability of University inventory and provides moving services of furniture and equipment for the campus community. The Receiving Section of Property Control is responsible for ensuring positive control of incoming shipments, temporary warehousing of inventory awaiting disposition, and transferring obsolete equipment and furniture from the University inventory.


Table of Contents

General Information

Receiving Equipment
I. Overages, Shortages and Damages
II. Returns to Vendors

Identification of Property
I. Tagged Items
II. Non-Tagged Items
III. Grant Property
IV. Engraved Items
V. Foundation-Supported Departments

Inventory Procedures for Equipment
I. Delegation of Property Management Responsibilities
II. Departmental Inventories (Capital Equipment)
III. Departmental Inventories (Non-Capital Equipment)
IV. Software Inventory

Security of Equipment

Procedures for Receiving Property
I. Purchase of New Equipment (except data/word processing)
II. Gifts and Donations
III. Surplus Property Purchases
IV. Loaned Equipment
V. Excess Property
VI. Word/Data Processing Equipment
VII. Purchasing Card Users Procedures

Procedures for Movement of Property
I .General Guidelines
II. Moves Requiring the Moving Crew (Property/ Supplies)
III. Off-Campus Repairs
IV. Off-Campus Use/Property Pass
V. Small Asset Tracking Form
VI. Transfers Between Departments

Trade-In of Property

Miscellaneous Guidelines
I. Privately Owned Property
II. Classroom Furniture
III. Stolen or Missing Property
IV. University Clearance
V Forms Availability

I. Privately Owned Property
II. Records
III. Furniture

Records Retention and Disposal (RR and D)

Purchasing Card Acquisitions