2013-2023 Master Plan

Facilities Planning

The University will be hosting a Master Plan meeting for the University and surrounding community on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS), Jury Room 111H.

A. Overview of Planning Process

  • Development of the Facility Master Plan is currently underway.

  • A requirement of the State used to guide the long-term physical development of the University, the Plan will cover the next ten years and beyond. 

  • Have completed Phase II of a four-phased process:

    • Orientation, Inventory and Assessment including data collection and analysis; meetings with internal & external stakeholders; determination of Program needs.

    • Concept Development involving the development of alternatives and selection of preferred options to meet university needs

    • Master Plan Development involving the finalization of program location/ building sites, and the development of detailed plans regarding circulation, including changes to parking, vehicular access, bicycle and pedestrian circulation.

    • Final Report 

B. Preferred Master Plan Program Options A + B     

Listed below are program options developed. Click on the text to view options in another browser.

Preferred Program Options - Entire Campus

Preferred Program Options - Presented In Quadrants


C. The Committee + Consultants

The steering committee was determined in consultation with Dr. Wilson

Master Plan Coordinator:

Mrs. Cynthia Wilder
University Facility Planner

Steering Committee Chair:

Dr. Maryanne Akers
Dean, School of Architecture & Planning 

The Steering committee is comprised of two subcommittees with representation from all University stakeholders

Advisory Committee

1 DeanUniversity Council Representative
1 Alumna
1 Graduate Student

1 Undergraduate Student
2 Faculty
2 Staff
Design & Construction Management Representative
Physical Plant Representative
Public Safety Representative
Community Liaison
Community Representative

Decision Makers

Board of Regents Representative
Vice Presidents
2 Deans

Institute Of Architecture & Planning
Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Planning & Information Technology
1 Community Representative

Primary Consultant Team - WTW  Architects, Pittsburgh, PA in conjunction with:

Linhart Consulting
Site Resources
The Forella Group
Alta & TND (Bicycle Master Plan)


D. Planning Progress to Date

Date Meeting
5/24/12 Master Plan Kick-off Meeting
5/2012-9/2012 Approximately 40 individual meetings held with every segment of the University community to include students, Department Chairs, Deans, Vice Presidents, Executive Office and Community & Alumna representatives
10/16/12 Consultants presented findings to and receive feedback from Steering Committee
10/16/12 WTW led an Open House for students WTW lead Session with Community
10/16/12 WTW lead Session with Community
7/24/13 Phase II-Concept Development- consultant presented and received feedback on site alternatives for proposed projects
8/1/13 An internal meeting was held with the Steering Committee to discuss development alternatives
9/2013 Present Technical staff review and analysis of Master Plan proposals
10/9/13 Bicycle Master Plan Kick-Off at Student Center
1/27/14 Presentation to Decision making body of Steering Committee

E. Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are listed below. Click on the text to view options in another browser.


F. Next Steps

  • Present Preferred Options Recommendations to University and surrounding community.
  • Move into next phase, Master Plan Development
  • Final Report


G. Upcoming Meetings
The University will be hosting a Master Plan meeting for the University and surrounding community on:

Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Time:  5:30 PM
Location: Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies, Jury Room 111H 


H. Comments
Comments on the Master Plan Preferred Options listed in Section B, should be emailed to: MSUmasterplan@morgan.edu, subject line: MSU Master Plan 2013-2023