Summer Session

Summer Session

Morgan State University’s annual Summer Session provides graduate and undergraduate students from Morgan and other colleges and universities the opportunity to earn credits toward their degrees.  Summer 2014 course listings  may be found using this online search tool.  Course descriptions are published in the on-line undergraduate catalog and graduate catalogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can any college student take summer classes at Morgan State University?
A.  Yes. Morgan and Non-Morgan students are eligible to take classes during both summer school sessions.   All non-Morgan students must apply for admission to Morgan State University using the online application. The application fee is $35.00. Applicants should note that they are “visiting” or “non-degree seeking” students who wish to enroll for the summer semester. Note that you must identify yourself as a "visiting" or "non-degree seeking" student in order to find the Summer Session admission option.

If students wish to transfer credits to their home institution, they must also submit a letter to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment . This letter should come from the Registrar of their home institution or the Chair of their home department.  The letter should include:
a)      The student’s name
b)      The name and course number of the Morgan State University course in which the student will enroll
c)      That the credits earned will be transferable if a grade of “C” or higher is earned
d)      That the student is in good standing, academically and financially, at the home institution
e)      An official transcript should also be submitted to the Morgan State University Admissions Office.


Q. Can high school students take summer classes at Morgan State University?

A. Yes. High school students should apply for admission as a "visiting" or "non-degree seeking" student.  As noted above, the application fee is $35.00.  High school students may only enroll in 100-level courses.  High school students must also submit the following material to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment:

a) a letter of support from their guidance counselor

b) a letter of permission from their parent or  guardian


Q. Are summer courses guaranteed to run?

A.  No. Undergraduate courses with fewer than 10 students and graduate courses with fewer than five students are subject to cancellation.  Please consult with the course instructor and/or the Summer Session office if you have concerns about whether or not your course will be cancelled. 


Q. I have been admitted to Morgan as an undergraduate student for the upcoming fall semester. May I enroll in courses during the summer?
A. Yes, but you will have to enroll in the Summer Session as a non-degree student.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment to complete the necessary paperwork.  The credits you earn will be subsequently transferred to your official transcript. Please contact the Transfer Center if you have questions about the suitability of any coursework for transfer.


Q. I will graduate from Morgan State University in May.  Am I eligible to enroll in Summer Session classes?

A. Yes, but you will have to reapply for admission to the University.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at 443-885-3000 if you have any questions about this process.

Q. I applied for undergraduate admission so I could enroll in the Summer Session. How do I determine the status of my application?

A. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at 443-885-3000.


Q. I am a newly admitted student. How do I register? What is my email address?

A. Please review the New Student 411 website. The WebSIS User Guide featured on this site includes instructions on how to register for classes.

Q. Where can I find information about tuition and financial aid?

A. Please see the following links: Tuition and Fees and Office of Financial Aid.


Q. When will I receive my bill? When it is due?

A.Payments for Early Registration are due on May 7, 2014.  Payments for regular or late registration are due May 27 and July 3, for Session I and Session II, respectively.  For more detailed information about billing, please contact the Bursar's Office at 443-885-3108.

 Q.  How many classes can I take during Summer School?
A.  A student can pursue a maximum of eight (8) credit hours per summer session.

Q. When will Summer School begin and end?
A.  Summer Session I classes begin May 27 and end July 2, 2014.  Summer Session II  classes begin July 3 and end August 11, 2014.

Q. When can I begin registering for Summer School classes?
A. Early registration for Summer Sessions I and II  runs from April 1-12, 2014. The last days to add a class are May 30, 2014 (for Summer Session I) and July 7, 2014 (for Summer Session II).

Q. I see that registration is now closed.  When may I register for Summer Session I and II 2014?

A. Registration for Summer Session I will reopen from May 27-29, 2014 and registration for Summer Session II will reopen from July 3-7, 2014.

Q. When will class schedules be posted?
A. Summer class schedules are generally posted at the end of February.  Summer 2014 courses may be added throughout the Spring 2014 semester.

Q. Does Morgan State University offer summer programs for children and youth?
A. Yes! These programs are offered through the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies office. Please click here for more information.

If you have questions, please phone 443/885-4686 or email