Committee for Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

Morgan’s Commitment:participants at Indy Car STEM Event, Fall 2013

Morgan State University’s committed to community engagement is reflected in the University’s ten 10) year strategic plan entitled, “Growing the Future, Leading the World: The Strategic Plan for Morgan State University, 2011 – 2021.  The Plan’s final goal statement, Goal 5:  Engaging with the Community, asserts that   

Morgan will engage with the community residents and officials in the use of knowledge derived from faculty and student research , the sharing of mutually beneficial resources, and the appropriate and timely dispatch of University experts and professionals to collaborate in addressing community concerns.

Morgan has established both administrative structures as well as programs towards implementing its community engagement goals.    The Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement houses the Office of Community Service and hosts the Education Talent Search and the Upward Bound Program all three programs have as their primary purpose reaching out to youth in the Baltimore metropolitan area with a variety of mentoring, tutoring, self-esteem, and self-improvement activities.

The Morgan Community Mile Initiative is a bold effort led by the School of Architecture and Planning and the Division of Research and Economic Development to implement a multi-faceted program that will serve as a social laboratory in which the University’s scholarly research, creative activities, and public service programs are concentrated in a defined radius centered around Morgan in order to give significant priority to solving difficult social problems, particularly problems prevalent in urban communities

Additionally,  Morgan is a member of the Maryland District of Columbia Campus Compact (MDCCC) and the Vice President for Academic Outreach and Engagement is a member of the MDCCC’s Senior Advisory Board for Engagement (SAGE).  Morgan is classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of teaching as a Doctoral Research University with professional dominant programs.  A number of the professional programs at Morgan including, Business, Education, Engineering, Community Health, and Social Work sponsor community outreach and service activities. The application for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement is an opportunity for the Morgan community to better understand, catalog, coordinate, and demonstrate its community service activities.   

Community Engagement Application Committee:

A committee of faculty and staff is leading this initiative by collecting data on community engagement activities at Morgan.   The committee meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month.  To date, the committee has collected data through an electronic survey, a review of existing reports, and one-on-one interviews with faculty and staff.  The following is a list of Committee members who are leading the initiative to collect data and complete the application for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

 Ms. ​Agnès Moon, AOE (co-chair)
Prof. E. Blaise DePaolo, Art (co-chair)
Dr. Terra Bowen Reid, Psychology
Mr. Ellis Brown, Morgan Community Mile
Dr. Elizabeth Gunn, World Languages
Mr. Chris Metzger, Art
Ms. Karen Robinson, Accounting & Finance
Dr. Randy Rowel, Community Health & Policy
Prof. Archana Sharma, Architecture & Planning
Ms. Genevera Smith, AOE

The Carnegie Foundation's Definition of "Community Engagement":Office of Community Service event

Community engagement describes the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of  knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

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Examples of Service-Learning and Community Engagement at MSU:


Summer 2013 -     application received
Summer 2013 -     existing data & reports gathered
September 2013 -     committee begins convening on a monthly basis
Fall 2013 -         interviews with engaged faculty/staff
Fall 2013 -        presentations to Deans & President’s Cabinet
November 2013 -     faculty survey undertaken
January 8, 2014 -     consultation with Dr. Robin Crews of Loyola
January 31, 2014 -     drafting of  response to application begins
Jan. - Feb. 2014 -    University Town Hall presentation
February 2014 -     website goes live
Feb. - March 2014 -     drafting and revisions
April 15, 2014 -     application due
January 2015 -     results announced
2018 -            2020 application opens

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Photos: 1)  Indy Car STEM outreach event at MSU on 08/28/2013, 2) Office of Community Service program.