Campus Pals

Campus Pals is a volunteer service program, which gives elementary and middle school students throughout the nation an opportunity to visit and learn about a prominent HBCU. As campus pals tour guide, it is your responsibility to ensure that these students have a pleasurable visit, and also leave more informed about Morgan State University historical background. It is your duty to maintain a level of respect, dignity, and pride for Morgan State's campus and instill that pride into every student that visit the campus. Upon relaying information to our visiting students it must be a priority as tour guides to learn as mush as possible about this historical institution as possible so you will not inform our visiting students inaccurately.


  • To bridge the educational gap between grade school and higher education
  • To encourage youth to strive for excellence in school
  • To motivate youth to focus on their future
  • To shift and broaden the paradigms of elementary and middle school youth

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