Brother 2 Brother

 Brother II Brother is a mentoring organization that focuses on the needs of High School Males in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We focus on building Interpersonal Skills, Trust, Brother-hood, Community awareness and above anything else Aware-ness of Academic Achievement.
Brother II Brother has two components; the Summer Camp, which is Brother II Bother University Prep. and Brother II Brother , which is the portion of the program that operates through the school year. Our major focus points here at Brother II Brother are:

Community Service: During the 2010-2011 School year we will be focusing on two major community service projects; Service to the Elderly and Service to the Handicapped.

Brotherhood: More often than not, our young Brothers lack the respect for others. Our Brotherhood sessions will help the youth develop an appreciation for his fellow man.

Academics: During the school year we will set aside tutoring time. All of our mentors are equipped and Morgan State Univer-sity, office of Community Service certified Tutors.

Athletics: Most young men enjoy athletic recreation. We have and will continue to expose the young men to a. array of international and domestic sports and recreational activities.

Leadership: Since we know that, today's youth are the future leaders of tomorrow, we are sensitive to that fact. We strive to instill and cultivate great leadership qualities in our little Brothers.

Career Exploration: Not all young people think about their careers, therefore they don't always prepare the best way they can. We become familiar with the talents and skills our Little Brothers have and we then facilitate and environment where they can start to explore their career opportunities.

Team Building Strategies: The number one goal we have here at Brother II Brother is that all of our Little Brothers go on to College after High School. In College and in the real world we spend a lot of our time on teams. Young people have to understand that, THERE IS NO "I" IN TEAM!!

OBJECTIVE: To be the best Mentors and guides we can be for the sake of our younger Brothers.


  • Increased Grade Point Averages·        
  • Increased Health and Sex awareness·         
  • Increased Respect for Appearance·         
  • Increased Respect for Humanity (Brotherhood)·         
  • Increase in Interpersonal Skills·         
  • Increase in Leadership·         
  • Decreased Gang Activity·        
  •  Decreased Problems at Home·        
  •  Decreased school based issues

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