Elementary/Middle School Programs

BROTHER 2 BROTHER: Brother II Brother is a volunteer program dedicated to working with male high school students throughout Baltimore. Morgan male volunteers work with students engaging them in activities that are designed to teach self-awareness, leadership and responsibility. Morgan male student mentors will work with students to help them increase their knowledge in different areas of education. In addition, Bother II Brother provides information on conflict resolution, sex education and avoiding drug abuse.

CAMPUS PALS: Campus Pals is a volunteer service program, which gives elementary and middle school students throughout the nation an opportunity to visit and learn about a prominent HBCU. As campus pals tour guide, it is your responsibility to ensure that these students have a pleasurable visit, and also leave more informed about Morgan State University historical background. It is your duty to maintain a level of respect, dignity, and pride for Morgan State's campus and instill that pride into every student that visit the campus. Upon relaying information to our visiting students it must be a priority as tour guides to learn as mush as possible about this historical institution as possible so you will not inform our visiting students inaccurately.

 DYNAMIC DIVA'S:  Dynamic Divas' is an after school mentoring program designed to help instill academic success, leadership skills, self-motivation, and to explore the inner (hidden) talents that may set futuristic goals in young girls. Together the mentors will help young girls realize their self-worth and the love for one's self.  Dynamic Divas' is a program that will help young girls in areas such as education, leadership, inner beauty, health, self-creativity, and many more. The young girls will participate in many programs that will have them activate and express their creative feelings. The Dynamic Divas' program will be conducted throughout the school year, meeting twice a week after school.

JAHOD: Jahod (Journey through Academic Hurdles Otherwise Distant) is a volunteer mentoring program housed on the campus of Morgan State University. The purpose is to exhibit an atmosphere that promotes finer womanhood for Baltimore City High School females. The program's focus will be to produce academically motivated females: prepare adolescent females for an effortless transition into the real world: and to develop females who will take the initiative to help change the poor conditions of their immediate community.

MSU TUTORING CORPS: MSU tutoring Corps provides educational, social and cultural learning opportunities to students in the Baltimore area. The goal of the program is to help other programs reduce the dropout rate of African American youth in public schools. Creative tutoring, stress management, methods of problem solving and positive communication skills are emphasized to improve reading, writing and math skills.

NIANI: Niani is an after school program designed to provide educational, social, cultural and leadership learning opportunities to elementary children in order to help them excel on national and statewide standardized tests. The program focuses on areas of creative tutoring, anger management, methods of problem solving, positive communicative skills, African American enrichment and leadership opportunities.

YAATENGA : YAATENGA is a tutoring and mentoring program for elementary school students designed to help them in the areas of academic enrichment, social behavior, character building and mental and physical health. The program works in conjunction with the Institute of Life Enrichment to provide "at risk" children with a positive academic and social atmosphere, as well as instill in them the importance of positive social behaviors and the consequences of negative behaviors.

KWANZAA: Kwanzaa is an African American holiday celebrated by Morgan State University on the first Saturday in December. Children throughout the City of Baltimore are invited to the campus to learn about the fundamental values and traditions upon which African people have built a civilization, culture and character. Music games, exhibits, food, dance and storytelling and a number of other activities are used to explain the Seven Principals of Kwanzaa.

K.U.U.M.B.A: K.U.U.M.B.A (Kreating Unity Utilizing Morgan and Baltimore Adoloesence) is a tutoring and mentoring program for adolescents between the ages of 11 to 15. It was created in an effort to address the needs of many young people who are ill- prepared for life's challenges. The primary goal is to reduce juvenile violence, delinquency and truancy by improving the educational performance and developing the life survival skills of juveniles. The program's mission is to raise the aspiration levels of juveniles by affording them continuing exposure to the University's environment. Academic enrichment, knowledge about drug abuse and AIDS, peer resistance skills, leadership development activities along with discussions on the importance of positive social attitudes and behaviors are addressed.

Y.E.S 2 COLLEGE: Y.E.S. 2 College is a dynamic, innovative, one day youth conference which helps middle and high school youth explore the many reasons to attend a college or university. This interactive conference is coordinated by supportive and knowledgable Morgan State University Students.