Student Sucess and Retention Coordinators

Morgan State University
Office of Student Success & Retention Staff –Fall 2014

Director, Office of Student Success and Retention - McKeldin Center, Suite 318
  Tiffany Beth Mfume  x3651/ x1481  fax x8347

Retention Specialist/SASS and Academic Recovery Program Coordinator - McKeldin Center, Suite 318
  Bernice Alston  x3946  fax x8347

Retention Specialist/ACCESS Orientation and MSU AMP Coordinator - McKeldin Center, Suite 318
  vacant position x3945 fax x8347 

Retention Advisor/ Academic Recovery Program Assistant- McKeldin Center, room 320
  vacant position  x4479 fax x8347   

Graduate Assistant/Financial Literacy Coordinator -McKeldin Center, room 320
  Simone Durham  x4474/ fax x8347

Administrative Assistant - McKeldin Center, Suite 318
  Diane Wise x3651  fax x8347

Retention Coordinators, School of Business and Management - McMechen 209                            
  Stepheca Sawyer/ vacant positions x3855/ x4261  fax x8253  

Retention Coordinators, School of Engineering - Mitchell 224
  Grace Mack/ Myra Curtis x1207/ x4210/ fax x8218 /  

Retention Coordinator, Schools of Education and Urban Studies/ Social Work - Banneker 211A
  Michael C. James  x3356  fax x8240  

Retention Coordinators, College of Liberal Arts - Holmes Hall, Suite 206
  Andre Patterson/ Angela Gaither-Scott  x3960/ x1886 fax x8222 / x8358 /

Retention Coordinators, School of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences - Spencer 112
  Cynthia Staley/ Georgia Sawyer  x3701/ x4512 fax x8286/ x8215                    /  

Retention Coordinator, School of Architecture and Planning - CBEIS, 107
  Johnny Macon  x2060  fax x8233            

Retention Coordinator, School of Community Health & Policy - Jenkins 106
  La-Keshia Williams  x4612  fax x8347  

Retention Coordinator, School of Social Work - Jenkins 336
  Nia Johnson  x4382  fax x4218/ x8241  

Retention Coordinator, School of Global Journalism and Communications - Communications Bldg 325
  Ardyn Barton x1990 fax x8322